Do Compound Bows Have Serial Numbers? A Simple Answer

Compound bows are monetary investments, but they are also emotional investments for an avid archer or bowhunter. As you use them, you grow an attachment based on their performance or tie to a specific event or events. Bows should last over 15 years if they are well maintained. So, of course, you would want to know that your favorite bow, the one you’ve become reliant on, is secure. Having serial numbers on your equipment can help with that.

Compound bows have serial numbers. Where they are located is dependent on the manufacturer of the bow. If you are unable to locate the serial number on your compound bow, you can always contact the manufacturer, and they will provide clear instructions on how to locate it.

Now that you know that compound bows do have serial numbers, you might be wondering what that means for you, as the owner. Having a serial number on your bow means safety, security, and assurance. It is also a means to find out important and relevant information.

Why do Compound Bows have Serial Numbers?

Most products are mass-produced and have very little to no variation. Suppose you are in the market for a compound bow, and you go onto a manufacturer’s website to make your purchase. In that case, there will be possibly hundreds of thousands of units of the same model floating around in the general public already, with more being sold every day.

Serial numbers allow you, the owner, and the manufacturer to be able to differentiate between any unit of the same model. There are a few reasons why.

  • Learn pertinent information
  • If the product is lost or stolen
  • Insurance
  • Warranty

Having the serial number of your compound bow may also be a way to prove ownership, in the event that you would need to provide evidence of ownership.

Now that you know why compound bows have serial numbers, let’s delve a little deeper into how these reasons benefit you.

Finding Out Information

There are a number of scenarios in which you or the manufacturer may need the serial number of your compound bow to uncover necessary information. Let’s say your bow may have arrived at your home with a defect, and you now need to find out what your options are for a refund or replacement, but you don’t have a receipt or order number for the product. The manufacturer can use the serial number on the bow to track down your order and information, so they can assist you with your issue.

Perhaps you are placing your compound bow on the market as a private seller, and you don’t have or remember all the information about the unit. As a deciding factor in their purchase, a buyer may want to know the age of the bow.

Not all units have the year manufactured stamped onto the bow itself. If you are unable to locate a manufacturing year on the model, you can still contact the manufacturer with the serial number to obtain the age of the bow. This may mean taking a picture, if it is an encoded serial number, and sending that to the manufacturer via email.

Lost/Stolen Product

In the unfortunate event that your compound bow is lost or stolen, having the serial number of your unit written down beforehand will be crucial information in filling out a police report, especially if the police recover more than one unit of the same model.

If your bow is recovered by someone other than the police and turned in, the serial number could also be the means by which the police track down your information, through the manufacturer, if it is recovered across state lines, or if the unit was never reported.

Purchase Your Insurance

In a perfect world, once you report a lost or stolen possession to the police, you can have peace of mind that it will be recovered 100% of the time. Unfortunately, statistics show that only 31.1% of stolen property is recovered in the United States as of 2020. That number decreases when you break down the categories of stolen property. Your compound bow may fall into a category that has less than an 11% chance of being recovered.

It may be to your benefit to ensure your compound bow, in the event that it should be stolen or become lost. That way, if the authorities do not recover it, you will not suffer a total loss. Insurance companies will require the unit’s serial number, among other information, to guarantee the policy.

Guarantee Your Warranty

Compound bows may not need to be registered with your local law enforcement, like firearms, but there is a different scenario in which you may want to register your bow.

Some manufacturers require you to register your model with them for warranty purposes. Depending on the type of warranty your manufacturer offers, you could be saving yourself money and time in the event that you need to replace your unit or parts of your unit.

Check with your manufacturer to see if your compound bow requires registration in order to guarantee the warranty. There may be a time frame associated with registering your model, so for your peace of mind, the sooner you check, the better.

Where can I find a bow’s serial number?

The serial number on a bow can usually be found on the underside of the grip. This is usually a small, metal plate that is engraved with the serial number. If the serial number is not on the underside of the grip, it may be on the bow itself, near the limb or riser.

The serial number is important because it can be used to identify the bow if it is ever lost or stolen. When registering a bow with a sports club or organization, the serial number will be required so that the bow can be properly identified. So, if you’re ever wondering where to find the serial number on a bow, just look for it on the underside of the grip or near the limb or riser.

Where to find a Bear Archery serial number?

The serial number for a Bear Archery bow is located on the lower limb.

Link to warranty and registration of a Bear bow here.

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Find a Darton bow serial number

On an older Darton bow, the serial number is located on a sticker. Sometimes the sticker is gone. If so, you should contact Darton and provide them with sufficient information.

You are probably able to find the serial number under the grip plate or on the limb.

Find a PSE Nova compound bow serial number

The serial number of a PSE Nova compound bow is located on the inside of the lower limb of the bow. Just near the handle.

Find a Parker compound bow serial number

If you are looking for the serial number of a Parker compound bow, you should look at the lower limb. On the backside, near the bottom of the riser, there is a label that indicates the serial number.

If you can not find the label, it could have been removed. So be aware that it could be a stolen bow.

Tip: Parker’s bow does only provide a warranty to the original buyer.

Where can I lookup and search for a bow’s serial number?

As mentioned it can be useful or necessary to search for a bow’s serial number. You can lookup bow serial numbers at PSE archery:

Looking up a bow’s serial number can be helpful for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re trying to determine the age of the bow, or see if it has been registered with the manufacturer.

Most likely spots to find a compound bow’s serial number

These are some of the most likely places on a compound where you should look for the serial number.

  • Riser
  • Underneath the grip
  • Between limbs
  • Lower limb
  • Below the Berger hole
  • Underneath the cable rod
  • In the recessed area above the grip

What if my Compound Bow Has No Serial Number?

If the bow had a serial number on the unit at one point and, through normal wear and tear, is no longer legible or is missing entirely, you can still contact the manufacturer for assistance.

It’s possible that your bow does not have a serial number directly on the model. If that is the case, you should contact the manufacturer about what to do in order to obtain this information.


Elite Archery:

PSE Archery:


Bear Archery:

Diamond Archery:

Final Thoughts

Now you know if your compound bow has a serial number, why, and how this benefits you. Remember to keep a record of the serial number of all of your bows so that you can have security in any situation.

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