SportsPeep.com is created to answer questions about different kinds of sports. Any sport related topic and on any level.

This blog will target both beginners and advanced users. So feel free to send in questions that you would like to be answered.

The ambition is to publish around 2-5 article per week. And cover as many different sports categories as possible. Not just the most popular categories but also the smaller and less known niches. To help you make the best possible choices in your sport and to help you get an answer for any question that you might have – small or big.

Also – when possible – the articles will contain as much experience with the sport niche as possible. For you to get as much knowledge about your most desired sport niche as possible and for you to be able to make your own decisions when practicing your favourite sport.

Myself and a bunch of professionel writers will be doing the research, the writing and also adding the element of experience to the article.

And please do feel free to help us out and submit any question that you might find hard to find an answer for. OR even get you own articles published here.

Who runs SportsPeep.com?

SportsPeep.com is primarily run and driven by Martin Linde. And is part of the company MakeIT ApS.

Martin Linde is just a regular guy in the 40’s who has been into al kinds of sports his whole life. So sport is of course a huge passion of his. Martin loves to practice sports in his sparetime like soccer, biking, hiking, padel tennis, kayaking, SUP and so on. And as you can imagine he has been a rookie and newbie several times. That gives him a force in knowing about what you should think about when getting into a new sport.

But of course this blog also covers intermediate and advanced users. So Martin has teamed up with a bunch of writers with lots of experience.

And he also wants to team up with you. So if you want to get published send a message.

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