What Do Lacrosse Players Wear?

Lacrosse players need specialized gear to protect them during games. Safety is a priority in this fast-paced, contact sport. Let’s look at the typical uniform and equipment worn by both male and female lacrosse athletes.

The Basics

Lacrosse uniforms consist of shorts or kilt skirt, jersey, and cleats or turf shoes. Goalies wear full padding and different jerseys. Field players also wear protective pads on elbows, shoulders, and shins. Other necessities are mouthguards and lacrosse gloves with padding on the back of the hands.

Men’s Gear

Male lacrosse players wear padded shorts with built-in hip and thigh pads. Jerseys have padding in the shoulders. Arm pads and rib pads provide more protection. Most also opt for helmets with face masks to shield from checks and errant sticks.

Women’s Equipment

Women wear shorts, skirt or leggings along with a jersey top. Pads are required on the elbows and shins. Eye protection like goggles is mandatory, although some opt for integrated helmet/eyeshields. Mouthguards are a must. Goalies use more extensive padding.

Uniform Colors and Numbers

Team uniforms feature distinct colors and player numbers for identification. Goalies wear contrasting jersey colors. Field players often have home and away uniform sets. Numbers must be at least 8 inches tall on front and 12 inches on back of jerseys.


Molded cleats provide traction on grass fields. Turf shoes are worn on artificial surfaces. Footwear must meet color restrictions. Soccer-style cleats are common, but lacrosse-specific cleats offer enhanced support and protection.

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Optional Accessories

Some players choose to wear gloves for better stick handling. Headbands, wristbands and compression sleeves (worn on arms or legs) absorb sweat and keep muscles warm. Non-guard jewelry must be taped or removed.

So while uniforms may vary in style, male and female lacrosse players universally gear up with equipment to keep them protected on the field. Safety and performance go hand in hand.

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