Do Lacrosse Players Wear Pads?

In the fast, high-contact sport of lacrosse, protective pads and gear are a necessity. Lacrosse athletes wear specialized equipment to shield their bodies from injury as balls, sticks, and opposing players constantly whiz by. So that may already answer your question if lacrosse players wear pads.

Mandatory Pads

All lacrosse players are required by the rules to wear pads on certain exposed areas. For field players, pads must cover the:

  • Elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Shins

These arm, shoulder, and leg pads utilize hard outer shells and foam padding to protect bony areas from checks, slashes, and contact. Goalies wear full-body padding.

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Men’s Pads

Male lacrosse players often wear additional pads beyond the minimum requirements. Extra upper-body protection includes padded undershirts or rib pads, and arm guards that extend below the elbow. Over half of boys’ and men’s players also opt for protective helmets with face masks.

Women’s Pads

In women’s lacrosse, more pads are optional. Female players sometimes wear padded shorts or pants for extra hip and thigh protection. Optional padded headgear provides additional impact protection. Most women forego full helmets and face guards due to different check rules.

Youth Pads

Younger players typically wear the same pads and protective gear as adult players to get accustomed to the equipment. Lightweight pads designed specifically for youth are also available. Pad sizes, styles and colors vary to suit players of all ages.

In this collision-filled sport, pads enable athletes to play with confidence and reduce injury risk. Mandatory and optional pads keep lacrosse an exciting yet safer game.

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