Can You Change or Convert Regular Shoes into Bowling Shoes?

Bowling shoes can be harsh and uncomfortable, making many wish they could wear their own pairs as they throw a ball down the lane. If you hate bowling shoes, you might wonder if it is possible to change regular shoes into bowling shoes. Do you have to be stuck with the traditional variety?

You can absolutely change regular shoes into bowling shoes. It is not only possible to change regular shoes into bowling shoes, but it is easy. A few simple steps will permit you to make this change with little trouble.

Read on to learn more about converting regular shoes into bowling shoes. In no time at all, you will be able to take on a perfect game with your feet as comfortable as possible. A great shoe is critical to having an enjoyable bowling experience.

three pairs of bowling shoes

Can You Change or convert Regular Shoes into Bowling Shoes?

You can change almost any shoe into a bowling shoe, except for heeled shoes like stilettos and wedges. It’s not difficult, and most bowling alleys will permit you to use these handmade bowling shoes as you play a game.

You must convert regular shoes with a conversion kit if you are going to wear them to go bowling. Without using the conversion kit, you could slip and fall in the alley. This action can result in liabilities and even a suspension of play for you.

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Keep reading to learn about how you can turn your regular shoes into bowling ones using a conversion kit.

How to Convert Regular Shoes into Bowling Shoes

Now that you know it’s possible to complete the conversion from regular shoes to bowling shoes, you might wonder how you can accomplish this task. By following a few simple steps, you can have it done in no time at all.

To convert your regular shoes into bowling shoes:

  • Select your shoes: First, select a pair of shoes you want to wear. They should have a flat bottom or slightly raised, like running shoes or even dress shoes.
  • Gather materials: Next, gather your materials. You’ll need heavy-duty Velcro, replacement soles, and scissors. Lay them all out so you can access each one when the time comes.
  • Measure and cut: Finally, measure and cut the Velcro. Cut a piece for the front of your shoes and one for the heel. Then, cut the replacement sole in the same manner and attach it to the Velcro. 

These simple steps will permit you to convert almost any shoes you want. You can access all of these materials online or at a local hardware store for an affordable price.

It shouldn’t take you more than an hour at most to convert your shoes. You can select dressy shoes for a classy bowling look, street shoes, or choose tennis shoes for comfort. There are many options available, so choose a shoe that will satisfy you the most when you are inside an alley playing a game.

Bowling shoe conversion kit

With a conversion kit, you can easily convert your regular shoes into bowling shoes. These conversion kits typically come with two soles that fit over the bottom of your shoes, as well as heel plates that attach to the back. The soles have a slippery surface that mimics the effect of traditional bowling shoes, and the heel plates help to keep your feet from slipping as you bowl. Most conversion kits also come with a carrying case, so you can easily take them with you to the bowling alley. With a conversion kit, you can enjoy all the benefits of bowling shoes without having to make a significant investment.

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Why Change Regular Shoes into Bowling Shoes?

It’s simple to change regular shoes into bowling shoes, but why should you do this to your shoes? What’s the point of going through the effort of switching the purpose of your shoes so you can wear them inside a bowling alley?

Many excellent reasons support changing a regular shoe into a bowling shoe. Some of the best include:

  • Comfort: Bowling shoes can be uncomfortable to many. Transforming your shoes permits a perfect fit every time.
  • Style: Bowling shoes are just not stylish. If you are a competitive person who enjoys adding personal taste to what you do, transforming your shoes can give you that.
  • Affordability: Often, turning regular shoes into bowling shoes is more affordable than buying your own or renting them every time you go bowling.
  • Ease: Turning your shoes into bowling shoes makes it easier to get started when you go to the alley.

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These are a few of the reasons someone might choose to transform their shoes

Whatever your reasoning is, changing your shoes is a simple way to mix up your bowling style. It’s an action that can prove beneficial to anyone, whether you are constantly playing or only throwing a ball every so often.

Also, you might find some bowling shoes ugly and want to turn regular shoes into bowling shoes.

Final thoughts

Bowling is a fun sport that can be played both competitively and casually. No matter how you play, most everyone can agree that bowling shoes are uncomfortable and painful if worn for too long. Luckily, there is a way you can convert your regular shoes to bowling shoes for the ultimate playing experience.

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In a few simple steps, you can select your favorite shoes and transform them into wearable bowling accessories you can play with for a long time. Even the most professional bowlers may enjoy the comfort and ease of making shoes into bowling gear that works inside any alley.

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