Can I use regular shoes or indoor shoes for padel?

The answer is no! Here are 4 reasons why you can’t play padel in regular shoes or indoor shoes.

As someone who’s been playing padel for years, I can tell you that wearing regular shoes or indoor shoes is a huge mistake. Here’s why:

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First reason why you can’t use regular shoes for padel

Regular shoes or indoor shoes don’t have the right grip for padel. And this is the most important reason of all. And you should follow that advice. Not only does your game become below average, but you also risk being injured.

The soles of regular shoes are too smooth, which can cause you to slip and fall. Indoor shoes have a little more grip, but they’re still not ideal and are way better on wood or concrete floors.

Second reason

Regular shoes or indoor shoes don’t provide the right support for your feet. Padel is a high-impact sport, so you need shoes that can absorb some shocks. Regular shoes and indoor shoes just don’t offer that kind of support.

Third reason

Regular shoes or indoor shoes can actually damage the padel court. The soles of regular shoes are too hard, and they can mark up the court. Indoor shoes have softer soles, but they still might damage the court if you wear them too much.

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Fourth reason

And finally, wearing regular shoes or indoor shoes simply isn’t comfortable. Padel is a game that requires a lot of movement, so you need to be able to move your feet freely.

What type of pattern should a shoe padel have?

The ideal shoe padel would have a herringbone or chevron pattern. This type of grip will give you the best traction on the court.

Now that you know all this, go out and buy yourself a good pair of padel shoes! Your game will thank you for it.

What shoe type should you use for padel if not regular shoes?

The best type of shoe to use for padel is a tennis shoe. Tennis shoes have the right grip and support that you need for padel. They also won’t damage the court. And, they’re comfortable too. So go out and get yourself a good pair of tennis shoes, and enjoy your game of padel.

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